About TaeNy

Taeyeon&Tiffany couple from Girl’s Generation

Taeyeon and Tiffany was a roommate around 3 years before theirs debut
So , It’s a reason why they are close and know each other well

“We are more than best friend” TaeYeon said in SoNyun SoNyuh GaYo BaekDeo (SSGB) on? Mnet , 2008

“I feel thank you for always caring and supporting me.? I will stay out of troubles and will obey your words.And I will improve on speaking. I love you.” Tiffany said in KBS2 FM , 2008

No matter , What happens , They never leave each other alone.
A lot of meaning in theirs eyes says how much of theirs caring
And many reasons can tell us what is feeling that TaeYeon and Tiffany give to one another

This is the reason why we believe in TaeNy